Vote for your favorite distillery to be crowned RackHouse Whiskey Club's first ever Craft Distillery of the Year Award!

Since 2017, we have traveled the country in search for independent distilleries doing things differently. We're turning the search over you to award the distillery you believe deserves to be named, Craft Distillery of the Year. Most whiskey awards are based on a panel of judges determining who should win based on solely on tasting notes. We have always believed that the people and their story is what makes the whiskey. Think of this as the people's award. So that's where you come in! Our first step to determining a winner was to open up the competition to the public to nominate your favorite craft distillery. From there, we created a shortlist of 10 finalists, which is now up for a public vote.

Click the vote button to share who you believe should win the 2021 RackHouse Whiskey Club Craft Distillery of the Year Award!

Voting ends Nov. 30, 2021.


  • October 18-31: Nomination
  • Nov. 1-12: Judging
  • Nov. 15-30 Public poll for top 10 finalists
  • Dec. 6: Winner announced 






Why these categories?

  • Compelling story: This is a no brainer to us at RackHouse. We're all about discovering distilleries with interesting tales behind its whiskey. 
  • Impact on community: There are many ways distilleries impact their communities. We especially saw this during Covid when distilleries bound together to produce hand sanitizers. However, many distilleries support their farming community, tourism, fundraisers, charity support, etc. 
  • Marketing presence: This will be based on social media, google reviews, news stories, etc. Essentially anything we can find on the distillery that shows how well they market their story and what customers think about them.
  • Branding & Packaging: If a distillery does a top notch job telling its own story through great branding and packaging, we want to recognize that. While this criteria is not heavily weighted, it is important. 

The above criteria was used to determine the 10 finalists after the nominations were completed. These 10 finalists are up for  a public vote to decide who the RackHouse Whiskey Club Craft Distillery of the Year 2021 will be!