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Conviction Bourbon | Southern Grace Distillery

Conviction Bourbon | Southern Grace Distillery

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Conviction Bourbon was a big hit when it was featured in our Southern Grace "Whiskey Prison" box in April, 2019. Made by Southern Grace Distillery in Mount Pleasant, NC, this is the first bourbon to ever be (legally) aged behind bars.

The mash bill is 88% corn and 12% malted barley. Conviction was craft distilled in "Whiskey Prison" and aged behind bars in a dorm room built in 1929. It was barreled at 100 proof and is bottled at cask strength. It has a sweet finish. The hard time it has done in prison has smoothed out the rough edges and created a bourbon Southern Grace is proud to have created from scratch.

Each bottle is autographed by the Master Distiller Sebastian Correa.