10 Best whiskey podcasts and channels to stream in 2021

10 of the best whiskey podcasts to stream in 2021

10 Best whiskey podcasts and channels to stream in 2021


Looking to indulge in all things whiskey? If you can’t get enough of the stories behind the distillers that RackHouse Whiskey Club features, you’re in luck. These whiskey podcasts and channels provide a look behind the industry and offer a wealth of entertaining information for the brown spirit enthusiast. Brush up on your cocktail knowledge, dive into the world of bartending or distilling and keep up with the latest industry news with the best whiskey podcasts and channels you need to stream in 2021.    

10. WhiskyCast

Billed as a podcast that brings you in-depth interviews from the people who make whiskey the ‘water of life,’ the WhiskyCast airs new episodes twice a week. You’ll hear about the latest whisky news, tasting notes and comments from other listeners. 

9. The PodCask

If you’re looking for a podcast that will teach you how to appreciate the spirit more than you already do, the PodCask is your new favorite show. Hosts Will and Greeze bring entertaining stories about bourbon, whiskey and sometimes even scotch. It doesn’t get any better than their show motto, “We don’t know jack but we’ll drink it.”

8. Whiskey Neat with Kristopher Hart

Whiskey Neat with Kristopher Hart takes you behind the scenes with barrel-aged spirits and the people who make them. Get caught up with some of the most interesting industry leaders making tasty spirits across the country. 

7. Whiskey Lore

Best-selling whiskey travel writer Drew Hannush shares the stories and myths that make whiskey so absolutely fascinating. Join Drew while he uncovers unique history, myths, icons and the processes that give whiskey depth and character.

6. Whiskey Women

It’s about time whiskey is seen as more than just a “gentleman’s drink.” The Whiskey Women podcast seeks to liberate shy or tentative wannabe whiskey drinkers by introducing types and brands of whiskey you may not know of. The best part? You’ll get a delightfully absurd, insistently unserious conversation along the way. 

5. Whiskey Amateur Podcast

An hour-long competition showdown about whiskey? Yes, please! The Whiskey Amateurs podcast explores the wild world of whiskey through the lens of an amateur like yourself!

4. Cask Chasers Podcast

Cask Chasers is a whisky podcast for new and experienced enthusiasts alike! They explore the world of whisky and provide perspective from every area of the culture including distilleries, retailers, bloggers, critics, and even fellow podcasters.

3. Bourbon Pursuit Podcast

Bourbon Pursuit is one of the only whiskey podcasts that covers the world of bourbon. Episodes feature interviews with industry icons, deep dives into bourbon production and more. 

2. The Fred Minnick Show

The Fred Minnick Show features spirits author, historian and curator Fred Minnick, who interviews musicians and pairs whiskeys to their palates.

1. Behind the Still

It wouldn’t be a complete list of the best whiskey podcasts without mentioning Behind the Still! RackHouse scours the U.S. to interview the owners of unique distilleries with the best stories. We believe every whiskey tells a story, and the story comes out in the taste. From a bootlegging grandma in Iowa to whiskey made in the desert in Texas.

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