5 of the best whiskey decanters for your home bar

5 of the best whiskey decanters for your home bar

5 of the best whiskey decanters for your home bar

Having your best whiskey stashed away in a stylish decanter is a real Don Draper move. At the same time, the right glassware can make or break most whiskey. So, in that sense, a great whiskey decanter can help elevate your mediocre whiskey into a fine craft spirit. While there are many decanters to choose from, you want to stay away from ones that aren’t high quality because it should be more than just a fancy showpiece. The glass should be durable, easy-to-clean and constructed well. We’ve rounded up a few to choose from that are guaranteed to take your whiskey game up a notch. 

Best Overall: Bormioli Rocco Selecta Collection, $33 

You can’t go wrong with Bormioli Rocco’s whiskey decanter set as it’s been a top glassware brand in Italy since 1825. The set includes six matching diamond-cut rocks glasses and a decanter that can hold up to 32 oz. of whiskey. 

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Most Popular: Godinger Globe Whiskey Decanter Set, $56

This is one of the most popular sets on Amazon featuring a hand-blown etched globe design and a cool glass ship inside. Shoppers say it makes for a great gift set as it comes with two matching glasses.

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Most Unique: Jillmo Barrel Ship Whiskey Decanter Set, $80

Easy pour and versatile, this unique decanter set includes two matching glasses and holds a surprising amount of booze—42 ounces. Fans of this one note that it’s larger than standard decanters which can be both good and bad, depending on where you plan to store it. 

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Most Eclectic: Charging Bull Mouthblown Whiskey Decanter, $55

This 35-ounce lead-free glass decanter is for an eclectic and rugged style not found in every home. It’s mouth-blown by artisans in Turkey and can also be made in other animal shapes, including dogs, horses, tigers, etc.

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Best Modern Style: DeCicio Glass Whiskey Decanter, $198

You’ll pay a pretty penny for this decanter but sometimes the best style is worth it. The DeCicio Glass Whiskey Decanter doubles as a statement piece for your home. It features a 24-karat gold leaf stopper and brings vintage glam to any home bar. During the glassblowing process, the decanter’s stopper is adorned with real gold leaf, then ground and beveled to optimize its fit inside the decanter’s mouth, which ensures a tight seal. Customization and matching glasses are also available.

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