behind the still podcast interviewing owners of 10th mountain whiskey & spirits company

Ep. 11: 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Company

On this episode, I’m joined by Ryan Thompson and Stephen Jacobs with 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits Company in Vail, Colorado. It's named in honor of the 10th Mountain Army Division that originated near Vail at Camp Hale in the 1940s. This was a specific division set up to train for mountain warfare tactics in WWII.

After the war, these skiers-turned-soldiers returned to the Rockies to share their love of  skiing and the mountain lifestyle to others. Over 62 different ski resorts, ski schools, and ski patrols were started by 10th mountain Vets across the US. Vail Mountain being one of them. 10th Mountain Whiskey is a tribute to those achievements. 

Sign up to RackHouse Whiskey Club to 10th Mountain Bourbon and Rye and to learn more of the story behind this remarkable whiskey company. Make sure to watch all the featured short whiskey films from all the distilleries and whiskey brands we feature. 

As we always say: Whiskey stories like these show themselves through the flavors of the whiskey. Not the tasting notes a stranger told you to taste. We hope you enjoy!

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