Ep. 12: 2bar Spirits Master Distiller, Maddie Kelly

Ep. 12: 2bar Spirits Master Distiller, Maddie Kelly

Not all chemists become distillers, but Maddie Kelly made the leap. The chemistry field actually goes perfectly with distilling alcohol. The entire process is chemistry so who better to run the still than a chemist at 2bar Spirits in Seattle, Washington. 2bar was started by Nathan Kaiser after growing up on his family's century-old farm called 2bar Ranch in Texas. Once he moved to Seattle he took the Texas traditions and slotted them right in the middle of Seattle. 

2bar Spirits will be featuring their Bourbon and Moonshine in the RackHouse Whiskey Club box. Be sure to sign up by April 10, 2020 to try some for yourself. Click here to sign up and use promo code BTS for $20 off your first box.
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