boot hill distillery founders on behind the still podcast

Ep. 13: Boot Hill Distillery - A New Type of Spirit is Rising


Hayes Kelman and Lee Griffith join the podcast to discuss the history of Boot Hill and their distillery that takes its name. Located in Dodge City, Kansas on the actual burial site known as Boot Hill. This was the place where cowboys pushing longhorns up from Texas would be welcomed with whiskey by the ladle. Saloons flourished and when some of the gunslinging cowboys would get too rowdy, some would end up dead. Boot Hill looking over the town was the spot they would get buried. Dodge City soon got a reputation for being a violent and dangerous outpost. They were buried in shallow graves where the boots would stick out of the ground. Now, a new spirit rises from the local Kansas soil.

Boot Hill featured whiskey's in RackHouse Whiskey Club:
- Boot Hill Bourbon
- Boot Hill Wheated Bourbon

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