Ep 14: Navy Fighter Pilot to Craft Distiller | RockFilter Distillery

Ep 14: Navy Fighter Pilot to Craft Distiller | RockFilter Distillery

This episode we travel to a small town in Spring Grove, Minnesota to visit a former Navy Fighter Pilot turned farmer and distiller. It’s not often you meet an organic farmer with a story as interesting as Christian Myrah’s. He went from flying fighter jets for the US Navy to driving tractors in small town Minnesota. And for the last five years or so, he’s been turning his farm produce into whiskey. Award winning at that.

“Tractor’s don’t go as fast as F-18s but the lifestyle is pretty good.”

The distillery is two miles away from where Christian grows the organic grains. It’s also down the road from the oldest water powered mill in Minnesota, Schech Mill, which still uses the original stones imported from France. The mill has been in operation since 1876 and for the last several years has been grinding Christian’s grains.

RockFilter Distillery featured whiskey in RackHouse Whiskey Clubs box:

- Experimental Test Acre Series

- Railsplitter Whiskey (named after Christians great grandfather who split 10,000 fence posts for a penny each...more on that in the podcast)

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