Ep. 9: Bull Run Distillery leading the way in Oregon

Ep. 9: Bull Run Distillery leading the way in Oregon

When acclaimed distiller Lee Medoff was deciding what to name his distillery he thought of one the most important ingredients in whiskey — water.

The Bull Run Watershed is an unfiltered source that is said to be the purest natural water source in the US. It's the water mixed with Medoff's creative barrel finished whiskeys that sets Bull Run Distillery apart from the pack.

With a background as a winemaker and brewer, Medoff combined his skills to make some of the best whiskeys in Oregon. Don't take our word for it. Lee is one of the founding members and first President of the Oregon Distiller's Guild, America's first craft distillers guild.

RackHouse Whiskey Club is proud to feature Bull Run's American Whiskey and Pinot Finished American Whiskey in our October whiskey box!

bull run distillery american whiskey and pinot finished

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