Three Christmas stockings with gifts in them hung on a fireplace

The 10 best stocking stuffers perfect for whiskey lovers

Three Christmas stockings with gifts in them hung by a fireplace

Stockings are often the last hurrah of a long holiday gift-giving season, but that doesn’t mean the treats inside should be an afterthought. Go out with a bang this year by filling that stocking with whiskey-based delights that will take the edge off the end-of-season blues. This year’s list contains both classic whiskey-infused treats and a few unexpected ideas; pick a few and your whiskey lover’s stocking will win the day!

Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, $38

Barrel-aged maple syrup

Bourbon distillery Pappy & Company used their bourbon barrels to age real maple syrup and the results are simply divine. This syrup boasts flavors of vanilla, butter, and old-fashioned bourbon. Whether you serve it on top of pancakes or use it to make a festive cocktail, this treat will not disappoint. 

Bluetick Bourbon Jerky Strips, $11

Bourbon jerky strips

Who doesn’t love jerky? It’s hard to find a better snack, but this smoked, small batch jerky definitely ups the ante. Marinated in real bourbon and high-quality spices, then slow-smoked with hickory chips, this is one stocking stuffer that will probably be gone by day’s end.

Buffalo Trace Cherry Preserves, $13

Buffalo Trace cherry preserves

Forget Wheaties. If you want the real breakfast of champions this holiday season, spread this mouthwatering combination of cherries and Kentucky bourbon over a bagel with cream cheese. Yum! Your recipient could also scoop some on a slice of cheesecake, or impress the gang by using it to make a killer glazed salmon.

Whiskey Infused Sunflower Seeds, $12

Whiskey-infused sunflower seeds

Made in Texas, these artisan-crafted sunflower seeds are marinated in barrel-aged whiskey and finished with bourbon smoked sea salt. This one raises the bar on creative bar snacks!

Whiskey Infused Toothpicks, $36

Whiskey-infused toothpicks

This gift pairs perfectly with the whiskey-infused sunflower seeds featured above. Perfect to remove seeds or just to chew on, these toothpicks release gentle flavors such as Kentucky bourbon, Scotch whisky, wintergreen, and cinnamon.

Cocktail-Enhancing Mists, $50

Cocktail enhancing mists

Perfect for the whiskey enthusiast who likes to experiment in the kitchen, a spray of these superfine mists will infuse hints of rosemary and wild honey into a whiskey cocktail. Ingredients are wild-crafted and organic, and the mists are made in the USA by a team of “olfactory artists.”

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Beans, $30

Bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans

Rhode Island’s Cooper’s Cask Coffee ages Colombian beans in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel to give this small batch roast a special touch. We can’t deny that the description sounds like heaven: “vibrant taste profile of rustic sweetness, a hint of cocoa and dark fruit notes with a bourbon finish.”

Jack Daniels Whiskey Praline Pecans, $19

Whiskey praline pecans

A classic choice for a holiday snack bowl, these candy-coated praline pecans are infused with the flavor of Jack Daniels. A salty-sweet delight that’s sure to please the whole gang. 

Blanton’s Milk Chocolate Bourbon Balls, $28

Milk chocolate bourbon balls

A fresh pecan adornment gives this milk chocolate candy a stylish touch. Infused with Blanton’s Bourbon and made with fair trade certified cocoa, these Bourbon Balls would make an irresistible stocking stuffer for a loved one with a sweet tooth. 

Whiskey Cufflinks, $30

Whiskey cufflinks

One of just two non-food items that made this year’s whiskey stocking stuffer list, these whiskey-on-the-rocks cufflinks are made for the sharp-dressed spirits enthusiast in your life.

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