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The 19 best gifts for whiskey lovers

The 19 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Is there a person in your life who loves whiskey? The whiskey world is vast and overwhelming especially with all the various types from standard whiskey to rye to bourbon. If you aren’t already an aficionado yourself, this can make buying for the whiskey lover in your life quite the challenge. So, if you need some new ideas or a blueprint for what to buy, check out these gifts ideas that every whiskey lover would like. Whether they’re a cocktail person or like to drink it straight, these are the 19 best whiskey gifts to get them this holiday season. 

If you’re a cocktail person:

Treaty Oak Dope T-Shirt, $18.00

Whiskey lovers really deserve to drink dope shit AND look good while they’re doing it with this shirt from Treaty Oak Distillery

Gift for Whiskey Lovers 1

New Holland Barrel Opener, $20.00

Know someone who is a fan of New Holland Spirits? Get them this collector bottle opener made from their own bourbon barrels. 

Gift for Whiskey Lovers 2

Mixology Crew 7-Piece Cocktail Set, $28.99

Help them shake up their cocktail repertoire with this 7-piece set of must-have home bartending tools. 

Gift for Whiskey Lovers 3

Whiskey Math Cocktail Recipe Screen Print, $30.00

Part bar reference and part distinctive decor, this print showcases 12 classic cocktails and how to make them. 

Gift for Whiskey Lovers 4

Whiskey Cocktails Recipe Book, $49.96

Give them the tools to become a master cocktail maker with this beautifully illustrated collection of easy-to-follow recipes.

 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 5

If you like it straight/neat:

RackHouse Whiskey Club Membership, Starting at $89

Rackhouse scours the U.S. looking for the best distilleries with the most interesting stories to curate a unique subscription box filled with full-sized bottles of hard-to-find small batch whiskey. Choose a Gold or Platinum Membership for your whiskey lover, or the Gift Box, which includes two bottles in a one-off box.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 6

Buckshee Bourbon Flask, $12.00

Every true whiskey lover has a go-to flask to keep their favorite libation within close reach. This one from Buckshee Bourbon has personality in spades — you should check out the story behind it, it’s bonkers!

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 7 

Old Nick Williams Decanter, $25.00

Give their bar an extra dose of “cool” with this decanter from Old Nick Williams, a 250-year old distillery in North Carolina.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 8  

Old Nick Williams Whiskey Tasting Glass, $9.50

This crystal beauty has a full bowl and a tapered top to bring out the nuances of your favorite whiskey. It’s a go-to glass for whiskey lovers everywhere.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 9 

Personalized Oak Mini Barrel, $62.00

You can’t get any more official than pouring whiskey straight from a rustic oak steel banded barrel. Personalize it even further with your friend or family member’s name or initials. 

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 10

Cufflinks Crafted from a Bourbon Barrel, $50.00

These cufflinks are hand-crafted one at a time from a White Oak stave from a Jim Beam® bourbon barrel. The hand-charred barrel interior is on prominent display, left in its raw, natural state just as it was inside of the whiskey barrel.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 11

If you like to add ice:

The Ultimate Book of Whiskey, $19.99 

The whiskey lover in your life will love this book chock full of pictures and detailed information on over 200 single malts, whiskey blends, bourbons and ryes from around the world. 

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 12

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold, $8.99

Whiskey aficionados who love their favorite drink with ice will appreciate this ice ball maker mold. The large size will melt more slowly and keep whiskey cooler longer than regular ice cubes. 

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 13

Whiskey Barrel Coasters, $95.00

For a truly unique gift for whiskey lovers, have a set of these coasters made. They’re crafted from upcycled oak whiskey barrels and some have the original distiller’s labeling visible.  

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 14

Whiskey Glass Gift Set, $39.95

What’s the perfect taste of whiskey without the right glass? This gift set comes with two whiskey glasses, tongs, whiskey stones, coasters and a wooden box to keep everything in. It’s one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers!

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 15

Bella Luna Whiskey Cookies, Call for pricing

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these homemade whiskey cookies from Bella Luna Bakery. The alcohol evaporates during the cooking process so you can enjoy these delicious treats any time of the day.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 16 

The best bottles to try:

Beer Barrel Rye: New Holland Spirits, $40.00

Beer Barrel Rye is twice distilled and aged in new American oak barrels before being finished in Dragon’s Milk stout barrels. An aroma of vanilla and allspice lead to flavors of honey and almond, before a lingering, spicy finish. This was one of the all-time favorites among the RackHouse Whiskey Club members.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 17

Red Handed Bourbon: Treaty Oak Distillery, $69.00

Double-barreled in the dry hot Texas sun, Red Handed Bourbon is blended using a variety of their favorite distilleries in Kentucky and Virginia. A Double Gold medal recipient from The Fifty Best, this is a bourbon you'll want to pour a little more of. Treaty Oak is transparent about it's (caught) Red Handed and displays the distilleries and states they source this blend from right on their website. 

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 18

Sun Dog Pink Lemonade: Southern Grace Distillery, $59.00

Sun Dog Pink Lemonade was recently named the Spirited Lemonade of the Year at the Berlin International Spirits Competition and also won a platinum medal at the SIP Awards. Sun Dog Pink Lemonade is a 45 proof corn whiskey mixed with fruit juice. 

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 19