The top 10 bar tools of 2019

The top 10 bar tools of 2019

The top 10 bar tools of 2019

To perfect a chosen craft, you have to have the best tools. And that’s especially true with making drinks. Small additions to your home bar can make a huge difference in your cocktail game. If you’re trying to make a cocktail from your favorite bar at home, these tools are a must. Here are the top 10 bar tools of 2019 as suggested by some of the most well-known mixologists and bartenders.

Boston Shaker, $15

Professional bartenders love that the Boston Shaker comes with two separate top and bottom pieces rather than the all-in-one options. With this shaker, you’ll circulate more air around for a more properly diluted drink.  

Boston shaker

Bar Spoon, $8

A bar spoon is a go-to gadget for drinks that are primarily made with booze and little else. Classic Manhattans and other cocktails that are better stirred benefit from this type of bar tool. 

Bar spoon

Zester/Grater, $10

Any drinks that call for an optional citrus garnish need a zester or grater to maximize the flavor. As an added bonus, this bar tool can be used in the kitchen too.  


Muddler, $5.39

Is an Old Fashioned your drink of choice? Having a muddler in your bar is a must because the pestle mashes the fruit or herbs that your recipe calls for. Pro tip: a stainless steel version leaves less residue. 


Lemon Lime Juicer, $13

Need an instant zest for any cocktail recipe? Look no further than lemon or lime. It’s easy to manually add juice but a juicer helps you get every last drop minus any pesky seeds.  


Cherry Bourbon Bitters, $12.24

If Angostura Bitters is the only bitters in your home bar, you need to up your game. Might we suggest this spiced cherry bourbon barrel-aged bitters? It’s perfect for bourbon and whiskey cocktails. 

Cherry bitters 

Mesh Cocktail Strainer, $9.99

An infusion is an easy (and low cost) way of sprucing up your favorite whiskey. A mesh cocktail strainer is the best way to catch any loose herbs or fruit pieces. 

Mesh strainer 

Bar Knife, $79

A paring knife works just fine with almost every recipe. But if you want to splurge on a bar knife, this version has a few bartender-specific design tweaks. 

Bar knife 

Ice Block Rocks Glass, $2.95

What’s a good cocktail if you don’t have the right glass? This ice block rocks glass is perfect for serving whiskey on the rocks or neat. 

Ice block rocks glass

Angled Measuring Cup, $7

Most bartenders use a metal jigger for measuring, but if you aren’t yet good at eyeballing the right amounts, a measuring cup can help. This stainless steel angled cup measures from 2 ounces down to .25, so you can get the proper pour. 

Angled measuring cup


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