Exclusive Revelette Bourbon Releases: A New Taste of Kentucky Crafted by Nashville's Finest

Exclusive Revelette Bourbon Releases: A New Taste of Kentucky Crafted by Nashville's Finest

Revelette Bourbon Limited Release Bourbons Exclusively on RackHouse

Revelette Bourbon, an exciting new player in the Kentucky bourbon scene. You can buy these special edition bourbons on Revelettebourbon.com's website as well as on rackhousewhiskeyclub.com.

Mason and Curt Rutledge, known for their impact on Nashville's dining scene, are the creators. They've carefully chosen the barrels for these bourbons to give you a unique and strong flavor. Check out our range: the bold Revelette Single Barrel (Crimson Label), the adaptable Revelette Small Batch (Black Label), and the full-bodied Revelette Single Barrel (Navy Label). Each one showcases the skill that goes into making bourbon and is sure to please bourbon lovers looking for something exceptional and rare. Enjoy the dedication that goes into every bottle of Revelette Bourbon, a prize for those who love top-notch, hard-to-find bourbon with its own unique story.

Revelette Bourbon: Distinctive Limited Releases

A brainchild born from Nashville's lively dining and libation scene. Brothers Mason and Curt Rutledge, the masterminds behind the famed The Rutledge, and Jonathan's restaurant in the heart of Tennessee, have stirred their profound palate prowess into the creation of this new bourbon sensation. Inspired by generations of their family who worked in Kentucky coal mines, Mason and Curt are dedicated to crafting bourbon that honors their legacy and work ethic. Their commitment goes beyond making bourbon; it's about preserving the spirit and heritage of our roots.

"Choosing each barrel is like composing a melody; you need harmony, complexity, and a deep appreciation of the roots," says Mason, half of the dynamic duo. With handpicked barrels sourced from revered names like Bardstown Bourbon Company and Green River Distilling, they've brewed up a collection that's as smooth as their operational finesse and rich with Kentucky bourbon legacy.

Tasting Revelette Bourbon, you’re taking part in a tradition where excellence is a standard, not an aim. Curt puts it perfectly: "What we're crafting here isn't just a drink. It's a voyage into the very heart of whisky craftsmanship, an ode to Kentucky's storied past." That's right – every glass of Revelette is a sip of a story, a narrative spotlighting the brothers' passion, knowledge, and relentless journey toward unmatched bourbon brilliance.

Revelette Single Barrel (Crimson Label): Bold and Spicy

For those who seek intensity in their bourbon, the Revelette Single Barrel (Crimson Label) delivers a bold, spicy profile that stands out in any collection. This fiery spirit is crafted to stir the senses, matured in charred American oak barrels to achieve its distinctive character. With a robust 116.1 proof, each sip reveals a complex interplay of heat and rye-inspired boldness, making it a favorite among enthusiasts who appreciate a whiskey with a strong presence. The Crimson Label's limited production of 219 bottles makes it a rare find, adding to the allure for collectors and connoisseurs alike. Its depth and complexity are a testament to the meticulous selection process, ensuring that each bottle holds a piece of Kentucky's storied bourbon tradition.

Revelette Small Batch (Black Label): Craftsmanship Meets Flavor

The Revelette Small Batch (Black Label) is where the art of distillation meets the richness of flavor. This 90 proof bourbon is designed for those who appreciate the delicate balance of a well-crafted whiskey. A limited-edition release with only 2,634 bottles available, it offers an exclusive experience that is both rare and memorable. The Black Label's smooth profile makes it an ideal base for sophisticated cocktails, as well as a satisfying pour on its own. The care taken in selecting the barrels for this small batch is evident in every nuanced note, from the warm vanilla undertones to the subtle hints of caramel and oak. The Revelette Small Batch is a celebration of craftsmanship, showcasing the exceptional skills of the Rutledge brothers and their commitment to creating a bourbon that stands out in the world of fine spirits.

Revelette Single Barrel (Navy Label): A Testament to Kentucky's Bourbon Legacy

The Revelette Single Barrel (Navy Label) is a tribute to the timeless tradition of Kentucky bourbon. Its deep amber color invites a closer look, and its full-bodied flavor does not disappoint. Aged meticulously in charred American oak barrels, this 120.4 proof bourbon offers a symphony of flavors that resonate with the legacy of the region's distilling craftsmanship. With only 217 bottles produced, the Navy Label is as exclusive as it is exquisite, embodying the rarity that bourbon aficionados seek. Each sip brings forward a complex array of tasting notes, from the richness of dried fruit to the subtleties of spice and wood. The Navy Label stands as a proud representation of Kentucky's bourbon heritage, a rare bourbon that not only satisfies the palate but also tells a story with every glass.

Where to Purchase Revelette Bourbons: Exclusively on RackHouse

For those eager to add Revelette Bourbon to their collection, purchasing is made simple and exclusive through RackHouse Whiskey Club and Revelette Bourbons website. RackHouse is the exclusive shop for Revelette's limited release bourbons, ensuring that enthusiasts have access to these exceptional spirits with ease. To secure your bottle of Revelette Bourbon, whether it's the bold Crimson Label, the versatile Black Label, or the rich Navy Label, visit rackhousewhiskeyclub.com or go to revelettebourbon.com. Here, you can explore the story behind each bottle, understand the nuanced flavors, and make your purchase from the comfort of your home. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of Kentucky's bourbon legacy—visit the site today and be part of this unique whiskey experience.

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