Filibuster Distillery: Standing Up & Taking the Floor

Filibuster Distillery: Standing Up & Taking the Floor

This box marks our second release of a one-of-a-kind barrel pick bottled just for our RackHouse Whiskey Club members. This barrel pick (Single Estate Barrel No. W/R/1/335) and Dual Cask Straight Bourbon hails from Virginia’s Filibuster Distillery, founded mere blocks from the boisterous Capital Hill for which the distillery was aptly named.

This distillery was born from a true American Dream story. Founder, Siddharth “Sid” Dilawri, is a first-generation immigrant from Delhi, India. His parents were entrepreneurs who stumbled into owning retail liquor stores with unique selections “of really cool bourbons, whiskeys or wine, anything. We're like, hey, we have a clientele; why don't we start doing barrel picks?” From there, their connections open the doors for them to begin their sourcing endeavors with the cream of the bourbon crop. They sourced MGP barrels from Heaven Hill and Four Roses.

Lady luck was on their side as they blended and bottled for their retail patrons. It went so well that Sid decided to create his own juice in a new location in the quiet picturesque rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley, a perfect place to source their grains from local farmers with a water table that outmatches Kentucky’s. 

Shortly after hiring a distillery consultant, the consultant left without notice, leaving Sid with new equipment and no one to run it. While some would kick the can and write off the dream as an expensive failure, Sid got up the gumption (and encouragement from his wife) to step up, and run the equipment. His first distilled barrel won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Somewhere along the way, their hobby became a thriving American business dream. 

“I feel like like the the Force was with us.”

Beyond their fantastic story, RackHouse selected Filibuster for their Whiskey Club because they are one of the few distilleries to tout a single estate production. All of Filibuster’s grains are sourced within four miles of their distillery. This production loop is so close that their mash goes back to feeding local livestock. If that wasn’t enough, their water is said to be superior to Kentucky’s waters, as the Shenandoah limestone possesses an even higher ratio of beneficial minerals. “We only use the limestone water from our live on-site wells…After distilling, the water undergoes an intense filtration process and is then injected back into Shenandoah water tables. Our used grains are also converted into nourishing poultry feed. We are serious about safeguarding the environment for future generations.”

The RackHouse Whiskey Club Subscription Contents


  • Filibuster Single Estate Barrel No. W/R/1/335A RackHouse Whiskey Club barrel pick
  • Filibuster Dual Cask Bourbon Aged 4 years in New White American Oak and then “Dual Cask” finished in 2 seasoned wine casks 
  • Glencairn Glass


  • Filibuster Single Estate Barrel No. W/R/1/335A RackHouse Whiskey Club barrel pick
  • Glencairn Glass


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