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Treaty Oak Distillery: Where flavor meets family


What does a Cambridge University graduate, an Israeli Special Forces veteran, two U.S. Army vets and an engineer have in common? They help make up the team we met at Treaty Oak Distillery in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Treaty Oak’s name goes back more than 500 years after the famous tree in Austin, under which Stephen F. Austin signed agreements defining the borders of Texas. The fourth oldest distillery in the Lone Star State, the whiskey they create is Texas through and through.

"We kiss the vats everyday and that’s what makes it so special. It’s all done with love. This is a taste of Texas that bigger operations don’t have," Alice Barnes, the Founder’s mother and matriarch to the staff, told us on our visit.

The Ghost Hill Bourbon, which will feature in RackHouse Whiskey Club’s Christmas box, is sourced and distilled in Texas. Available in very few states, it’s a blend of three two-to-five-year-old barrels. A second bottle of Red Handed Bourbon will also be in the box.

Rickhouse or RackHouse?

Daniel Barnes, Founder of Treaty Oak Distilling, recently moved the operation to a 30-acre site that features a restaurant named after Alice, cocktail lab, food truck, the "Rickhouse" bar and, what we’ll call, a rackhouse for barrels.

The distillery’s current output is two to four barrels a day. The highly popular location is expanding and will soon be pumping out 13 or more barrels of whiskey per day.

What set our experience apart were not just the incredible flavors but also the family atmosphere we experienced.

"It’s the biggest family. We are a giant family out there and it really shows through in the passion of everyone’s work," said Matt Bower, General Manager at Treaty Oak Distillery. "People are passionate and they love what they’re doing and they love who they are doing it with so it makes it really easy to be out there."

We’re thrilled to be partnering up with Treaty Oak. Since our visit, we can’t stop reminiscing about the fun we had as we pine for more of their Ghost Hill Bourbon and Red Handed Bourbon. Fortunately for us, and you, we won’t have to wait long to get another taste.

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