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100% Rye | Manifest Distilling

% ABV | PROOF | 0

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A person 21 years or older must be present to receive package upon delivery. We cannot deliver to PO boxes.

In contrast to the Straight Rye Whiskey, the 100% Rye focuses on the flavor of just the rye grain, which brings forward bold, peppery notes with a balance of darker fruit-like black cherry. ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE AT RACKHOUSE WHISKEY CLUB. 

Casks = Aged in American-grown White Oak barrels that are coopered and charred in Avon, MN

Mash Bill = 100% rye grain

ABV - 50%

Proof- 100

Shipping & Returns

Sorry, no shipping to: Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Michagin, Mississippi, Hawaii, Alaska

We do not accept returns. Please contact our team if you need help with an incorrect shipment at

Care Instructions

Boxes will contain glassware. Please handle with care as contents may have shifted or could possibly be broken due to shipping and handling by carrier.

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