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Dodge City, Kansas

Bourbon Whiskey | Boot Hill Distillery

40% ABV | 90 PROOF | 750 mL

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"A high-wheat Kansas Bourbon, Boot Hill whiskey has a pot-still mash bill of 51% corn and 49% hard red winter wheat, using number 3 charred barrels. Bottled at 90-proof, aromas of orange peel, butterscotch coffee and peach pie linger. The palate intensifies and mirrors the perfume, adding a coat of white pepper and oatmeal. The pleasing finish incorporates cedar painted with fleshy stone fruit. 

Congrats on having a marvelous Bourbon."  -  Meridith May

Boot Hill Distillery Bourbon is Kansas’s first Soil-to-Sip craft Bourbon. 

Beginning in January of 2017, Boot Hill filled their new, charred American White Oak, 53 gallon barrels with new-make whiskey using our 51% corn, 49% wheat mash. While the new-make was created from our own grain in about 14 days, they knew they wouldn’t be seeing or tasting this whiskey for a long time.  

Time and patience bring you a Kansas Bourbon worthy of the Boot Hill name. Boot Hill Bourbon is pot-distilled in 500 gallon batches. Hot, dry summers, bitter cold winters, and the obstinate Kansas wind all do the rest. What emerged from the barrel after its extended sleep exceeded our expectations with notes of caramel, fruit, and spice. Our Bourbon is proofed to a pleasantly hot 90 (45% ABV) proof for the ideal balance of flavor and heat. Enjoy and enjoy often!

Boot Hill Distillery Bourbon - Born in the Wickedest City in the West

Nose:  Caramel, green apple, leather, vanilla, cedar, black tea

Neat:  Toffee, baking spice, caramel apple, bran cereal, pecan

Finish: Honey, baked goods, herbal tea, oak tannis



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