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KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Mizunara Barrel

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As part of the World Whiskey Societies' mission of creating the world's most elusive and sought after whiskies, we begin this journey with Kentucky Bourbon, but this isn't any ordinary bourbon! 

After our bourbon is matured in newly charred oak, it is then finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak used to age Shochu spirits for increased complexity and unique flavorful finishes. 

Our bourbon's mash bill is 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley, comes from Bardstown Bourbon Company, one of the most technologically advanced US distilleries. 

This is truly a bourbon experience that will never be replicated. Single barrel, ex-shochu Mizunara oak, welcome to the WWS where we create the world's best bourbon to ever hit the market.

Restricted to a limited release of 2000 bottles worldwide, the World Whiskey Society's 6-year-old 108-proof Kentucky Straight bourbon finished in Japanese Mizunara Shochu Casks is an exceptionally rare release.

The Samurai Edition is complete with a unique Samurai helmet topper, with this outstanding Kentucky straight bourbon finished in luxurious imported Mizunara Shochu Casks to produce a smooth, sweet and sophisticated whiskey with robust, hard-hitting heat. Another sterling example of the World Whiskey Society's cask finishing expertise, this iteration of their Mizunara finished bourbon is another one-of-a-kind whiskey, and they remain the first and one of the only brands to produce such unique and high-quality whiskeys.




Jim Murray Whiskey Excerpt

Really surprised by the degree of spice that the Mizunara oak has managed to generate against the calming sugars of the bourbon casks. Have to say this makes a highly attractive combination, especially when the united front of ulmo honey and vanilla begin to topple the early licorice lead. It is this soft sweetness that takes the sting out of the spice…but spices there most certainly are…! There is another very unusual aspect to this nose is the curvature of the fruit: seemingly rounded, with fat gooseberries but then pinging back at you are more acidic kumquat. Just adore this nose…; mmmm! Those of you who like a serious bit on salivation on delivery will be hogging the bottle. Not soon after a chocolate theme strikes up and intensifies as the strident vanilla pin backs the licorice notes to really the rich underbelly. This is working better than I suspect those who came up with the idea hoped…; usually, you get a great start to a unique whisky, or it fades, or fault lines begin to fracture. Not this time. The vanillas reconfigure the juiciness notes found on delivery and the corn oils are saved to last to ensure the drier vanillas are lubricated; a world first they rightly claim. Not sure if it is for the type of whiskey or the longest title for any whiskey ever bottled! But, yes, this is a first because in the 20,000 plus whiskies I have tasted for the bible alone, I can confirm I have never before encountered this fascinating combination. When I approach unique whiskies like this, it is my habit to close my eyes and formulate in my mind how I expect the nose and flavors to pan out, given what I understand about the distillation and casks. Well, I admit I was absolutely miles out on the nose; didn’t see the muted spices coming, but much, much closer to the mark on the delivery and follow-through (especially the early chocolate, which I treated myself to a little pat on the back about). My guess was that, given the right quality shochu casks and dependent on finishing time (and times of year) this could be an attractively complex whiskey. I was not disappointed. Nor will you be. 60% – Jim Murray, Whisky Bible 2022

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