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Emerson Whiskey

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The Emerson family spent over two years in bringing this effort to fruition. I must say this involved a lot of dead-ends and quite a number of not so good whiskeys, and then, finally the stars aligned, and it was all truly worth the effort. We found it. This Kentucky straight bourbon is distilled at a legacy distillery located in the heart of bourbon country, Owensboro, Kentucky. Aged for four years in new, white oak, charred barrels, this whiskey has all the delectable tastes and charm so sought after by all bourbon enthusiasts.

This first offering from the Emerson family and the Emerson Whiskey Company is from a family selected single barrel run, and available in a limited hand signed and serialized edition, making it a unique package of a unique whiskey sure to satisfy the discriminating tastes of any sophisticated bourbon enthusiast. 

The tasting notes are – 

  1. Hints of caramel and molasses, but not sweet. 
  2. A very subtle dash of smoked wood. 
  3. A savory aftertaste and finish of crisp, Autumn, outdoor freshness.

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