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Fence Jumper Bourbon | RockFilter

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Oaxacan Green Corn and Cherrywood Smoked Rye bourbon–yes, the mouth waters just reading it.

A classic bourbon mash in theory, it's reinterpreted with the choice of the world's finest organic heirloom corn grains. Prior to distillation, it's bound with a warm, long, slow smoke of the rye grain.

Made from Organic
Oaxacan Green Corn and Cherrywood Smoked Winter Rye

Tasting Notes
Aged in new charred American White Oak barrels, this bourbon bears a mysteriously intoxicating nose of deep rich caramels, toasted almonds and sweet smoked cherries. The palate is pleasant, rich and robust with grains, with a hint of spice and the signature RockFilter grain-forward luxuriousness. The finish is soft and smoky, lingering well into the bottom of your first glass.

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