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5 YO Chinese Single Malt Whisky

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The first Chinese single malt produced in China and exported to the U.S.

The Goalong Distillery, located in Changsha, China, has been churning out drams that feature a unique flavor profile rarely known by the American public. Chinese single malts have officially earned a seat at the table, and are on the verge of an explosion in the demand among the marketplace.

With a flavor profile unique to the region, and a Mash Bill comprised of 100% Australian malted barley, the finished product is truly one of a kind and will claim it's stake as a high caliber single malt whisky able to compete with the best whiskies from around the world.

This release from Goalong comes in the form of a young whisky, aged for 5 years in ex-bourbon casks, but the flavor profile is anything but young because of the fluctuating climate in the south-central region of China where each barrel was aged. Chinese single malts are on the verge of a demand spike, the secret is out, here's your chance to taste history in the making.

Whisky Profile: Toffee apples, butterscotch haystacks, peonies, and orange wedges on the light and sweet nose. More sweetness on the palate, flowers and fruit undergirded by grain: candied rose petals, citrus peel, vanilla Pudding Pop, green banana, and pencil shavings. The texture is velvety but the flavors don't leave much of an impression, with a finish of vanilla and sweet oak that's barely there.

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