Craft Distillery of the Year Award Finalist: Wilderness Trail Distillery

Craft Distillery of the Year Award Finalist: Wilderness Trail Distillery


Business industry experts would say to really succeed as an entrepreneur you should get exceptionally good at one thing before you branch out into new territory. Which is why Wilderness Trail Distillery founders claim, “We are not interested in making the most, just the best.” That seemingly by-the-book tradition is what allows Wilderness Trail to produce some truly extraordinary whiskey – and land on our list of top 10 finalists for the Craft Distillery of the Year Award.

Wilderness Trail Distillery’s products are handcrafted with precision focusing solely on a unique sweet mash process and producing consistent great tasting award-winning spirits. It helps that founders Dr. Pat Heist and Shane Baker come from plant pathology and microbiology backgrounds, having founded the company FermSolutions in 2006. The company supplies yeast strains to over 600 breweries and distilleries. Fermentation is one of the most critical steps of whiskey production yet so many other big-name brands continue to use what they’ve always used for yeast. The other distinction that sets Wilderness Trail apart from its competitors is their signature sweet mash, instead of the more typical sour mash process, saying it creates a more consistent spirit that’s less prone to flaws and has a softer, more pleasant mouth feel. Based in tradition and improved with science, Wilderness Trail is an instant favorite on our list of 10 finalists for the Craft Distillery of the Year Award. If you want to see Wilderness Trail crowned as RackHouse Whiskey Club’s Craft Distillery of the Year, vote now! To learn more about Wilderness Trail’s tradition and the science behind its award-winning spirits, click here.

Our first step to determine the Craft Distillery of the Year Award winner was to open up the competition to the public to nominate your favorite craft distillery. From there, an expert panel of judges narrowed the list down to 10 finalists based on these four categories: compelling story, impact on community, marketing presence and branding and packaging. Now we’re turning the competition over to you to determine the distillery you believe deserves to be named the 2021 RackHouse Whiskey Club Craft Distillery of the Year. Get your votes in now, voting closes on Nov. 30! VOTE NOW!

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