The 6 surprising health benefits of whiskey

The 6 surprising health benefits of whiskey

The 6 surprising health benefits of whiskey

Query any community of whiskey enthusiasts about the health benefits of whiskey and the conversation will likely route to the topic of stress reduction and relaxation. Surprisingly, the health benefits don’t end there! Given whiskey is a gluten-free and low-sugar drink of choice, small to moderate consumption can act on a number of health issues, including increasing immunity and reducing the risk of ischemic stroke.

If you are a whiskey lover who enjoys the spirit for the flavor or a taste of tranquility at the end of a busy day, you can now add good health to your list of reasons to imbibe. While a sip of bourbon is not a cure-all for every health problem, the antioxidants may offer a bonus benefit. As in all discussions of health, it really depends on the individual. But here are six potential health benefits of drinking whiskey.

Whiskey for increased immunity

Chicken soup may not be alone in helping to increase immunity for simple ailments like the common cold. Whiskey affects immunity by expanding blood vessels, which is helpful for increased motion within the mucus membranes. The expansion and motion can serve to reduce congestion and rid the body of infection, as well as support the healing process with antioxidants.

Whiskey can reduce the risk of heart disease

Antioxidants found in whiskey may help to buffer against coronary heart disease. In minimum to moderate amounts, whiskey can encourage a healthy circulatory system, which is an important contributor to a healthy heart. Supporting the circulatory system is a health benefit of whiskey that extends beyond the prevention of heart disease. Keep reading to uncover why. 

Whiskey can lower your chance of ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke refers is a stroke caused by a blood clot. Whiskey may help to decrease the risk of ischemic stroke through healthy blood circulation, which reduces the chance of blood clots.

Whiskey can decrease the risk of dementia

Whiskey has the potential for decreasing the risk of dementia by assisting in memory retention and decreasing the accumulation of plaque in the brain. Plaque deposits in the brain are associated with types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.   

Whiskey to boost digestion

For anyone who turns to whiskey for relief after indulging, they likely already know the affect whiskey can have on digestion. Just one glass can prompt digestive enzymes to get to work, promoting more active digestion.

Whiskey for healthy cholesterol levels

Discussions about cholesterol involve both the good, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and the bad, low-density cholesterol (LDL), and the overall balance between the two. Whiskey may increase HDL levels, tipping the balance in favor of the good cholesterol.

Now that you have a newfound knowledge about the possible health benefits of whiskey, spice up your favorite spirit with the 6 best whiskey recipes you can make at home.






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